Lydia Gazda

About Lydia Gazda

Lydia Gazda is an associate at Anthony and Partners, where her practice focuses on representation of various types of business clients and financial institutions in matters of bankruptcy, civil litigation and pre-litigation workouts. After studying medieval history and Russian language and culture at the University of Florida, Lydia faced the decision of becoming an 11th century peasant farmer, utilizing her knowledge of appropriate three field crop rotation to ensure a bountiful harvest for her village, attempting to pursue a career with the United States Central Intelligence Agency or attending law school. Lydia opted for option three and attended Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. Lydia graduated with honors from Levin College of Law and was the recipient of three awards for highest performance in the study of constitutional history, immigration and nationality, and estate planning. Not done with her academic pursuits, Lydia obtained a legum magistra in the field of taxation at the Levin College of Law. After receiving this advanced degree with honors, and two more awards for highest performance in the study of transfer pricing and international tax planning, Lydia finally began her legal career. Since that time Lydia has focused her practice on the fields of bankruptcy and collection related taxation. She has represented individual, financial, and corporate creditors in matters of litigation, bankruptcy matters and non-litigated workouts. During her time away from Anthony and Partners, Lydia represented debtors in these same areas, as well as before the Internal Revenue Service Collections Division. Accordingly, Lydia has a unique perspective that she brings to Anthony and Partners and to her clients.