We are proud that two among us have clerked for Federal Bankruptcy Judges before coming to the Firm. When loan enforcement litigation and debt restructure are pursued, obligors commonly seek bankruptcy relief. Whenever possible, the Firm seeks results for its non-debtor clients that can be achieved with minimal time, expense, rancor, and uncertainty. Chapter 11 offers many opportunities for amicable resolution of troubled debt scenarios. Chapter 11 can offer mutually acceptable long term results calculated to enable debtors to retain assets while producing a stable repayment schedule acceptable to creditors that might not otherwise be realizable. However, obligor business entities sometimes commonly file petitions for Chapter 11 relief merely to temporarily shield encumbered assets by the automatic stay, or to seek relief at the expense of creditors.

The Firm routinely represents creditors in business reorganizations in litigation to modify the automatic stay, valuation contests, disclosure statement and confirmation objections, and efforts to obtain fiduciary oversight for problem debtors. When individual obligors seek Chapter 7 relief, the Firm routinely addresses disputes involving claims of exemptions, dischargeability of particular debts, the entitlement of a debtor to a general discharge, recoverability of fraudulent and preferential transfers, and other disputes. The Firm’s representations run a range from some of the very largest in the State of Florida to the much more surgical and routine representations commonly required by financial institutions.