While garnishment, levy, and other familiar debt collection activities are among the Firm’s standard, post-judgment undertakings, large judgments often require a unique array of knowledge, experience, and good judgment. The Firm analyzes representations involving the collection of large judgments with an eye toward locating, recovering, and liquidating fraudulent transfers utilizing the State of Florida’s version of the “Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.” The Firm takes seriously the rights of creditors to initiate involuntary bankruptcy cases under certain circumstances. We have multiple examples of seven figure recoveries obtained by members of the Firm that stem solely from adversarial judgment enforcement activity with no ultimate expense borne by the client creditor.

When large, complicated lending relationships experience payment and covenant defaults, specialized experience may be needed to address the creation, perfection, and enforcement of liens encumbering unique assets. The Firm’s lawyers have handled numerous representations involving the enforcement of various forms of maritime liens, with numerous vessel arrests effectuated throughout the State of Florida. Similarly, our lawyers have documented transactions and pursued in rem loan enforcements involving aircraft, aircraft engines, and related equipment statewide. Beverage licenses and other related rights are involved in many workouts, bankruptcies, and loan enforcement actions, and the ability to maintain and transfer the business and legal benefits of a nightclub or hotel may require this expertise.

The Firm’s specialized knowledge also extends to intellectual property liens, with one of our lawyers having achieved a full pay-off on a $25MM loan secured by artistic obligations to create music. Given the importance of being able to rely upon properly created and enforceable liens to the creditors, our Firm is able to address unique needs of our sophisticated clients.