A significant percentage of the Firm’s work involves the restructuring of secured debt in a consensual context with obligors having reasonable expectations in light of underlying business realities. Unlike the origination and documentation of new loans, the planning and documentation of loan restructures in a troubled debt context requires special attention in many respects. The documentation of liens and security interests, the perfection of liens on new collateral, the timing of releases, the likelihood and availability of bankruptcy relief, and other considerations, are all among the unique matters to consider when documenting “workouts” in an insolvency environment.

The Firm’s professionals have had premier involvement in extraordinarily large debt restructure transactions for decades, and have not simply reinvented their professional careers to adjust to the present economic environment. If obligors are cooperative, and lenders have a prudent method in sight to stabilize troubled debt, the Firm has the skills and experience necessary to make a debt restructure a “quiet success.”