What Our Clients Say

The Firm’s clients involve many small businessmen, financial institutions, and other businesses, many of which have been clients for a decade or more. The following are comments made by client representatives who have come to trust and rely upon the team for needs within their areas of practice.

#1 Testimonial

“A few years ago, I obtained a $5,500,000 judgment for a client of mine against some people who I believed were insolvent. I asked John Anthony if he would accept 20% of the net recovery together with all attorneys’ fees and costs as a contingent fee for collecting the judgment. He accepted, and he made over $1,000,000. I am glad he did, because our client and I were paid in full. Now, I have recently obtained a judgment of over $60,000,000 against some other people, and my client and I have once again entrusted the matter to John Anthony. He knows how to collect assets by way of enforcing a judgment, and I know no one better.”

— Veteran Trial Lawyer and Fifteen-Year Client

#2 Testimonial

I have worked with John since 1995. At the time, I was a panel chapter 7 trustee. In the years since, I have been involved in hundreds of business insolvency matters as a professional fiduciary appointed by Federal and State courts. John has been a lawyer for me in all of these fiduciary capacities. He has represented me as chapter 11 trustee in a large case that involved investigation and pursuit of gross business mismanagement. In connection with that case, the former principal of the business was recently sentenced to approximately 250 years in jail. He has represented me as assignee for benefit of creditors, as a chapter 7 trustee, and in other related fiduciary capacities. Integrity and reliability are the most important requirements for what I do, and the most important attributes that I find in him. We’ve worked together for many years, and will do so in the future as well.”

 — Professional Insolvency Fiduciary and Certified Forensic Accountant with Three Decades of Experience in Florida Courts